Art show - Gunther Stilling
from March 17, 2022 - ongoing

Gunther Stilling's evocative installations at Fattoria La Loggia reveal a deep exploration of the human experience, predominantly crafted from metal and sandstone. His diverse portfolio showcases recurring themes, particularly the human head, and includes the creation of numerous fountains, reflecting his artistic versatility.

Stilling's impact extends beyond Fattoria La Loggia, with award-winning works gracing public spaces in southwest German cities. Notable pieces include the Guardian (1992) in Schwäbisch Hall, the Kelterplatz fountain in Pfaffenhofen, and the thought-provoking Orpheus sculpture at the Heilbronn City Theater. Rooted in classical aesthetics, Stilling's art draws inspiration from Greek and Roman art, the Italian Renaissance, and the Baroque, enriched by his extensive stays in Italy.

The majority of Stilling's sculptures are dedicated to the human head, employing techniques like 'non-finito' to symbolize transience, power, and violence. Each piece serves as a profound reflection on the complexities of the human condition.


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