A park in Tuscany
between sculptures and works of art

Mouth of the world
Jean Aviot

Over the years, the "Fattoria La Loggia" has hosted numerous artists who, thanks to the passion of the owner Giulio Baruffaldi, were able to stay here and produce their works.
Our family has always been dedicated to art due to a sense of vocation and has had the pleasure of accommodating national and international artists, whose time here and whose energy are still breathing on these grounds today.

The "Art Center La Loggia" hosts original works of art of some of the greatest artists from the twentieth century, including Betty Woodman, Franz Stähler, Arman, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Roberto Barni, Alessandro Reggioli, Daniel Spoerri and Karel Appel. Thanks to its importance and its relevance in the art world, the Art Center was included by the Tuscany Region in the official list of "contemporary art parks in Tuscany".

Giulio Baruffaldi
founder of the Art Center


Art Center

Founded over twenty years ago by Giulio Baruffaldi, the "La Loggia Art Center" aims to promote contemporary art and wants, above all, to be a place where art is born and where art is created, and in doing so becomes a workshop of thought and a laboratory of creativity.

There are three primary objectives that inspire the activities of the Art Center:
Research, i.e. to become a place of innovation and inspiration.
Cultural exchange, thus making it an environment in which artists can stay, meet, get to know each other, compare their experiences and, therefore, work and create.
• The promotion of young artists, i.e. create new and concrete occasions of visibility and inclusion in the art world.

Burned Forest


Art Garden

Today, the park of our Tuscany estate thrives in the presence of sculptures and installations, an "art garden" that surrounds the main villa, completely available to our guests. In this magical place surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, contemporary art put its roots.

A glance around the pool panoramic will allow us to discover two enormous mechanical hearts, imposing steel sculptures made by the artist Alessandro Reggioli, but immediately after we will be surprised by the incredible lightness and harmony of the "Shower of the giants" by Franz Stähler. Walking through the large park, the numerous works of art present reveal themselves before our eyes and new interpretations of our reality manifest themselves, nourishing the soul of a subtle and fresh joy.

Apollo & Daphne
Fernandez Arman


La Pergola di Bacco

1998 Roberto Barni


Apollo & Daphne
Fernandez Arman


La Guerra

Daniel Spoerri


Le Quattro Stagioni
1995 Karel Appel


La Doccia dei Giganti
2004 Franz Stahler



2000 Betty Woodman


Offerta agli Dei
2000 Franz Stahler


Installazione di

Franz Stahler


2011 Alessandro Reggioli


Le Quattro Stagioni

1995 Karel Appel


Safety Heart
2007 Alessandro Reggioli


Aligi Sassu


2003 Franz Stähler


Nell'Aria col Vento

2007 Anna Girolomini


Burned Forest
1991 Karel Appel


Flying Bird
1991 Karel Appel


Farfalle al Vento

Paolo Fusi


Omaggio a Leonardo

2011 Alessandro Reggioli



1991 Karel Appel


La Civetta di Athena

Karl M. Rennertz



Berthold Hörbelt & Wolfgang Winter


Artistic residences in Tuscany

Today as well as in the past, our house is open to the stay of Italian and foreign artists who, at our structure rich in charm and history, decide to stay to produce their work and develop their artistic research. For this reason, a program of artistic residencies is active, right here in the heart of Tuscany, in a place where the Renaissance spirit is still in the air.

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